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Action to compile the selected source file or all the source files in the selected directory.

⇧ + ⌘ + F9


Action to execute all the statements contained in the selected file or console (or terminal, in case of Android). It is intended to work for SQL files or database console.

⌃ + R

Custom Rendering for Objects when Evaluating Expressions


Custom rendering for objects while you are evaluating expressions.

Using debugger, objects are displayed using their .toString() value. If anytime we need to evaluate collections, using a custom renderer for an specific object type to understand their state it’s the right solution:



It adds clickable list of the files.

In case you are using Proguard, you can use the checkbox Unscramble stacktrace in order to get the obfuscated code.

Just right click on the resource id -> View as -> Type integer meanwhile you are debugging.

More info here

ALT + f8

Command ⌘ Shift ⇧ Option ⌥ Control ⌃ Caps Lock ⇪ Fn